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Scientific and Technical Symposium – CHEMIA gathers more than 400 representatives of chemical plants, refineries, oil and gas companies interested in modern solutions each year. REDNT being a pivotal partner of Microsoft Factory of the Future concept is presenting our Industry 4.0 solutions for this industry.

We will share our experience and present possibilities given by modern advanced data analysis tools and methods. We’ll focus on three topics: building a digital twin for the chemical and petrochemical industry based on PI System (from OSIsoft) to transform technological and operational data into business insights; optimizing chemical production with the use of online laboratory analysis; introducing predictive maintenance in the chemical plant. Please be invited to visit Microsoft Factory of the Future booth where all solutions will be presented. Those who face the process optimization, production efficiency and product quality issues on the daily basis, but are unable to attend the event please do not hesitate to mail of phone us. We recommend also a short article on LinkedIn.

We are proud to announce that the we are one of the Sponsors of ball organized by Students Association of Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology.

The Ball will take place in ‘Zajadalnia’ Restaurant in Gliwice on January 19th. During the event we will meet with students and graduates of the Faculty, university authorities, lecturers and representatives of other companies. It’s a great opportunity to present our company profile and achievements, and strengthen our cooperation with academic community.

New year is bringing us new projects, challenges and opportunities. What does it mean to us? Our company keeps growing – it’s time for a new recruitment now!

Are you looking for a job as OT/SCADA Designer, Technical Designer or Electronics Technician? Find out about these exciting new opportunities on (details in Polish only).