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REDNT will provide (in SaaS model) remote monitoring of the energy usage from metering and billing devices for TAURON Sprzedaż with the use of IoT platform based on MOLOS.CLOUD.

Two-year SaaS contract covers providing online access to the energy usage for the clients of TAURON Sprzedaż based on the data acquired from the energy meters. It will be done by providing IoT platform based on the Microsoft Azure cloud with use of the MOLOS.CLOUD  framework.

It is yet another cloud-based contract by REDNT served for TAURON energy group. Previously REDNT implemented failure monitoring and reporting tool for TAURON Wydobycie facilities based on MOLOS.CLOUD and Power BI tools, and the contract was mentioned here:

This year’s Easter will be exceptional. Many of us will not meet our family and will not celebrate as usual. In this extraordinary time, we wish our clients and colleagues a lot of health and rest. We hope that we will return to normality soon.