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REDNT will provide (in SaaS model) remote monitoring of the energy usage from metering and billing devices for TAURON Sprzedaż with the use of IoT platform based on MOLOS.CLOUD.

Two-year SaaS contract covers providing online access to the energy usage for the clients of TAURON Sprzedaż based on the data acquired from the energy meters. It will be done by providing IoT platform based on the Microsoft Azure cloud with use of the MOLOS.CLOUD  framework.

It is yet another cloud-based contract by REDNT served for TAURON energy group. Previously REDNT implemented failure monitoring and reporting tool for TAURON Wydobycie facilities based on MOLOS.CLOUD and Power BI tools, and the contract was mentioned here:

This year’s Easter will be exceptional. Many of us will not meet our family and will not celebrate as usual. In this extraordinary time, we wish our clients and colleagues a lot of health and rest. We hope that we will return to normality soon.

REDNT S.A. is taking over AMPER-POL juice automation business and entering into the food industry by offering automatization for juice production, juice presses modernization and equipping presses with IoT platforms optimizing their performance.

Extending our offer by automatic control of juice production is possible due to the agreement of taking over AMPER-POL juice presses automation business signed this month in Katowice with the AMPER-POL founder Bronisław Czajka. Thanks to this transaction REDNT S.A. will gain know-how and more than 20 years of experience in the field of juice production and juice presses modernization. We are really excited to combine this knowledge with our SCADA, IoT and Machine Learning background!

It has been quite an amazing year for us: new opportunities, new challenges, new projects. We’re sending our very best wishes to all our business friends who make our progress possible.

May you have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

It was a truly extreme integration!

On the second Saturday of November we signed up and experienced how it is to shoot on the battlefield. REDNT military-style integration event was organized in the Civil Defence nuclear bunker from sixties located on Wojkowice training ground.

We had the opportunity to test our agility and hawk eye, increase our planning and tactical skills playing multiple scenarios as well as get to know each other. This year our team expanded considerably, we have welcomed Bielsko-Biała branch joining Katowice and Cieszyn. Along with significant technical and business knowledge in energy they brought us new friends. We met in such a large group for the first time but surely not the last one. The shared fun and a meal from the military kitchen strengthened our company team, we returned from Wojkowice tired but charged with positive emotions. We’d like to thank Awentur company for professional organization of the whole day integration event.

By taking over JJA Progress we have significantly expanded our portfolio of services starting this September. Company from Bielsko-Biala specializing in comprehensive central reactive power compensation in the medium-voltage factory networks and in industrial fan control systems will become a new branch of our company.

Our solutions are complementary and we have collaborated with each other for years. Now, combining them we will be able to help our customers to generate savings by increasing energy efficiency and deliver unique control systems for industrial fans with built-in predictive maintenance to minimize the risk of failure.

See more on, we will show a new edition of our combined solutions soon.