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By taking over JJA Progress we have significantly expanded our portfolio of services starting this September. Company from Bielsko-Biala specializing in comprehensive central reactive power compensation in the medium-voltage factory networks and in industrial fan control systems will become a new branch of our company.

Our solutions are complementary and we have collaborated with each other for years. Now, combining them we will be able to help our customers to generate savings by increasing energy efficiency and deliver unique control systems for industrial fans with built-in predictive maintenance to minimize the risk of failure.

See more on, we will show a new edition of our combined solutions soon.

ATEX 2014/34/EU is the European Directive governing design of intrinsically safe and explosion proof devices and safe use of systems, equipment and devices in hazardous areas of explosive dust and/or gases. Because we know how important is to entrust the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of ATEX equipment to qualified professionals, we have conducted internal training for our team.

Substantive topics were discussed: definitions, groups and categories of equipment, compliance assessment procedures (scope of technical documentation, elements of the declaration of conformity or certificate of conformity, methods of marking and making available on the market). As an example we used our solutions, which for years we manufacture and supply to domestic and foreign customers). These include communication devices for mining coal cutters, advanced vibrodioagnostic and predictive maintenance systems for the mining, chemical and petrochemical industries.

June of this year is an important month for us for two reasons. Firstly, after many years of satisfactory cooperation, we were officially the System Integrator Partner of OSIsoft. Secondly, we participated in the latest Polish national OSIsoft seminar dedicated to the PI System solution and the current trends in using and analyzing industrial data.

Many OSIsoft customers and partners, including our specialists, attended the meeting. Everybody willingly shared their knowledge and experience.
REDNT is focused i.e. on utilizing data from PI in predictive maintenance scenarios. This is one of the leading trends nowadays, it brings tangible benefits to users. More details about our solutions based on PI System are coming soon.

JSW IT SYSTEMS invited our CEO Sebastian Sokol to give presentation on OT infrastructure integration with Big Data / Machine Learning at the International Mining Forum 2019. The purpose of this integration is to make full use of process data and to introduce more and more effective methods of infrastructure maintenance and production efficiency optimization.

This is a complicated process that should be carried out on the basis of an in-depth pre-implementation analysis, taking into account the specificities of each mine and with the participation of experienced professionals from both worlds OT and IT. There are different ways of integration: direct measurement, PLC controllers, SCADA or historian system. Integrating OT with the Azure we base on MOLOS.CLOUD, System SAURON and third-party solutions and deliver e.g. efficiency monitoring and optimization of KOMATSU longwall cutters, or predict crashes of conveyer belt systems. We are proud that our solutions work in such a demanding work environment.

Along with our partner – Copa-Data we will participate in XI Conference – Maintenance in Food Industry, in next few days. We’ll start form anoter barrel but very fast come to the point showing practical examples of predictive maintenance.

Food industry like no other is under high price and competitive pressure. So squeezing every fraction of % in cost and increasing production effectiveness and efficiency results in millions or additional profit pre month or even days. Do you want to learn e.g. how to produce more and cheaper milk and butter our of a raw milk? – please be welcome to our presentation and booth talks.

We will show among other things on-line spectroscopy analytical lab and prediction of poms, HVAC, monoblocs, agitators and other machines integrated with zenon SCADA. Companies implementing control and instrumentation for food industry may use our MOLOS.CLOUD Industrial IoT platform and extend its own offer building such csenatiorios for its own customers. Are you willing to become our partner? – come and talk with us.

More about MOLOS.CLOUD here.

We are proud to inform our next satisfied client Energetyka Cieszynska have given us a reference letter. We are helping them to build highly accurate energy consumption and generation profiles with our MOLOS.ENERGY solution.

As part of the project in the Zakład Gospodarki Komunalnej and the Heat Exchanger Station in Cieszyn, we have designed and installed a remote monitoring system based on our MOLOS.ENERGY devices for measuring and visualization system MOLOS.CLOUD for viewing readings and reporting. Energetyka Cieszynska is focused on achieving high energy and financial efficiency and being the valuable partner for the local community. We are happy helping them to achieve their mission and vision.