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Gold IPA status

by | Jun 11, 2018 | News | 0 comments

REDNT from last year has Gold IPA status for authorized Asix SCADA system integrators. We received the Prize for the Best Asix License Seller on the second day of the workshop organized by Askom for their solution providers who are building, selling and implementing professional SCADA solutions for the end customer based on the ASIX software platform. The sixteenth workshop was held on May 17-18 in Wroclaw. It was attended by representatives from 42 System integrators including our employees.

On our exhibition we will be presenting Industry 4.0 and cloud solutions designed for energy industry.

In particular, we will present issues related to the migration of SCADA systems to cloud solutions, IoT technology for remote supervision of technological processes and machine learning services that allows to predict failures and perform process optimization using predictive and prescriptive analysis.