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Wide range of SCADA systems offered as a cloud solution (MOLOS.SCADA), hybrid solution (ICONICS) and on-premises (ASIX) and industry-specific solutions (System SAURON)

Cloud-based and hybrid SCADA solutions in our offer:

MOLOS.SCADA – complete cloud solution based on and Microsoft Azure platform

ICONICS – SCADA/MES and Historian software offered as a hybrid solution using onpremises collectors and cloud-based servers or using servers both in the cloud and on-premises creating redundancy.

Industry-specific SCADA solution in our offer:

System SAURON – complete solution for energy and production process control and monitoring dedicated to the coal mine industry

Suystem SAURON-ZPMW  – supervisory system dedicated to control production in the coal processing plants

System SAURON-ENERGO – software dedicated to the control and supervision of medium and high voltage switchgears and grids that can be independent and autonomous or offered as an integral part of a complete System SAURON solution

System SAURON-CU – complete solution for energy and production process control and monitoring dedicated to the copper mine industry

System SAURON-EC – supervisory and control system for processes related to the production of electrical and thermal energy

On-premises, classic SCADA solution in our offer:


Wonderware InTouch and System Platform

Citect SCADA



Our company is the largest system integrator of the Asix SCADA and official partner and integrator of the ICONICS SCADA/MES and Historian software.

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