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Predictive maintenance solutions for technical diagnostics and forecasting of machine and device failures

Technical solution:

MOLOS.HUB IoT device along with the intelligent and non-invasive measurement sensors or existing SCADA system as a data source

MOLOS.Analytics algorithms for data analysis and forecasting of failures and anomalies

Possibility of integration with the Power BI tools in order to create advanced reports and analysis

MOLOS.IoT and MOLOS.SCADA software for data acquisition, processing and live monitoring with push notifications

Providing reliability and scalability with Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Main benefits:

Reduction of the service team reaction time due to failures forecasting and event alarming

Adjusting schedules of machine reviews based on real technical condition

Reduction of the overall costs of machine and device operation

Reduction of the cost due to unscheduled stops and failures of the plant infrastructure

Energy efficiency increase and optimization by keeping machines and devices in optimal working conditions


Technical diagnostics, monitoring and failure detection in electrical engines used in variety of industrial processes such as belt conveyors, pump stations, HVAC

Deformation and displacement monitoring of the engineering and construction objects such as bridges, viaducts, buildings

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