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REDNT and Factory of the Future

by | Oct 15, 2018 | News | 0 comments

To realize the vision of the Factory of the Future, manufacturers must comprehensively apply modern technologies in the entire integrated value chain. A few days ago Microsoft Polska presented its innovative concept in which Polish and global partners offer over 30 ready-made solutions for the industry. REDNT is one of the key project partners.

Soon, on November 14th, an official demonstration of the Factory of the Future for customers will be held at the Microsoft office in Warsaw. We will show you how to optimize energy and other media consumption with MOLOS.CLOUD solution. You will learn how to provide effective production maintenance by monitoring the infrastructure in real time and predict potential failures. MOLOS.CLOUD helps manage the factory of the future at the operational level and report at the board level. We integrate our system with business applications shown by the other partners within the project.